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Some of the email software problems keep re-occurring over time! and, coincidentally out of many, the following are major Email address or account problems that have kept more than 85% of users bothered. And, seeing this huge percentage, we decided to offer an immediate solution for all such email problems below. You may check them one by one and get general solution applying to all email servers or clients!

Cant get into my Email Account

Can’t get into my Email Account

When you are unable to login your email account, select the problem that closely applies with the error. Then, follow the instructions to get back into your account.
You may start with this:

  • Make sure you are using correct  login details.
  • However, if you can’t remember the username or email address, tap on Forgot email address link next to Forgot Password option.
  • refresh the webpage and try to load the email login screen again
  • Sometimes, you can’t sign in to your email account from a third-party service as well. And, there can be several reasons for it. One most probable cause is email server protocols set by the electronic mail software manufacturer.

My Email not Sending

When sending electronic messages, you receive an error; they are majorly from your email server. Therefore, to help you fix this problem, here’s the list of solutions:

  • First and foremost, check the speed and consistency of your internet connection. 
  • In case, internet is not the reason, check your email settings. You may tap on Settings>>>>> Tools>>>>>Mail Setting tab>>>> SMTP port to get inside the email software settings.
  • Set the value for SMTP port as 587. 
  • Check outgoing mail server values as well in the email settings. They must be same as provided by your email server.
  • Similarly, check the security conflict software installed on your device. This may include firewall and/or anti-virus software. To confirm and resolve these causes, please disable the security software temporarily.
My emails are not sending and going though
Email not Received on Account outlook

Email not Received on Account

In case, you can send but not receive emails on your e-address then, the solution is probably one of the following:

  • Empty your space by deleting some emails
  • Check another folders like spam, trash to see if emails are delivered.
  • Make sure that you are using a supported web browser.
  •  If you are using IMAP settings, type the port value 143. If you are thinking to use POP3 server settings, the value should 110.
  • Ask the Email experts for help!
  • And, if you can receive mail on mobile but not computer or vice-versa then, it is no more an email receiving issue. Your email account isn’t in sync. So, to fix this:

Email Settings: SMTP, IMAP/POP not working

Email Settings: SMTP, IMAP/POP not working

Without SMTP and IMAP or POP settings, an email account is no less than scrap. Because they are the pillars of email sending and receiving operation. Now, to fix and make sure these settings of your email account are correct-start from here:

  • login your email account and enter into email settings.
  • Search for options like Forwarding POP/IMAP
  • Now, under the IMAP server section, rectify the server name, Port value, SSL do the same for SMTP.
  • Lastly, save all the email settings and re-login your email address to apply the changes.