Complete Roadrunner Email Settings Guide

roadrunner email setting

Roadrunner email  settings can be configured automatically as well as manually. However, it is always wise to complete the process with manual steps because the IMAP/POP and SMTP settings may differ for account on different platforms. So, just pick up the right server and port settings of POP/IMAP and SMTP domain and keep accessing Roadrunner mail features. Without wasting the time first go through the roadrunner email server settings then configure them with all platforms.

Roadrunner Email Server Settings for All Interface email server settings are different for mobile and computer. Click on each settings tab, find your device (currently using for Roadrunner), and pick your Roadrunner sever settings.

To send Roadrunner emails, configure SMTP settings and receive emails using IMAP or POP settings. If you want to download the mails on your device, configure POP settings of account. However, to keep all the emails stored on Roadrunner server – prefer IMAP settings.

  • IMAP Settings
  • POP Settings
  • SMTP Settings
Roadrunner email IMAP setting

Use the IMAP settings to receive and store emails on Roadrunner server:

Email settings

  1. TWC IMAP Server
  2. IMAP port
  3. IMAP server
  4. IMAP Username
  5. IMAP password

Sbcglobal, email settings

  2. 993
  3. SSL (recommended) / TLS
  4. Your full email address
  5. Roadrunner password
roadrunner email pop settings

Choose POP or POP3 settings over IMAP to receive and store Roadrunner emails on your device instead of server:

Email settings

  1. /TWC POP/POP3 Server
  2. POP/POP3 port
  3. POP/POP3 server
  4. POP/POP3 Username
  5. POP/POP3 password

Sbcglobal, email settings

  2. 995
  3. SSL (recommended) / TLS
  4. Your full email address
  5. Your Roadrunner password
POP Settings

Based on your incoming mail server settings for Roadrunner account, choose SMTP settings to setup Roadrunner email on iPhone, Android, or Outlook:

Email settings

  1. /TWC SMTP Server
  2. SMTP port
  3. SMTP server
  4. SMTP Username
  5. SMTP password SMTP, email settings

  2. 587
  4. Your full email address
  5. Your Roadrunner password

Configure Roadrunner Email Setup for Different Platforms

Choose your email platform from the below-given options and get started to setup Roadrunner email account settings.

Still Bothered by Spectrum Email Settings Problem?

  • iPhone Setup
  • Andriod Setup
  • Outlook Setup

Roadrunner Email Setup On iPhone:

To configure Roadrunner email on iPhone, you must meet the following system requirement:

  • An iPhone
  • High-speed Internet connection
  • An active Roadrunner email account
  • Twc Spectrum email settings value

Note: In case, you don't have the settings value-no worries. You can still accomplish the below steps.

Turn ON iPhone: Charge your iPhone to 100 percent and turn ON the device. Update your iPhone OS and ensure it is connected to the Internet.

Enter iOS Settings: Search your iPhone to locate the Settings widget and scroll down inside settings to select the Passwords & Accounts option.

Add email account: Further, touch Add Account>>>Other>>>>Add Mail Account to provide the account description, name, email address, and password.

Finish TWC/Spectrum email setup

Once you type the prompted information, simply follow on-screen instructions and complete the Roadrunner email setup on iPhone.

Roadrunner Email Setup On Android:

Get Roadrunner email account on Android device to get access to the mails and other information domain all the time. Simply, abide by the procedure here and start assessing Roadrunner email forever on your Android mobile:

  • Connect Android device to the Internet: First and foremost, connect your Android device to the Internet and make sure the network is stable, consistent, and offer high-speed for easy access.
  • Update Android Firmware: Before getting in the spectrum email for android, make sure to update your device firmware. So, it can easily communicate with the server online.

    Navigate to ABOUT section of your phone under phone settings, to get the update.

  • Add Roadrunner email account: Enter the phone Settings>>>> App menu>>>> Email>>>> Add account to finally configure the time warner rr com email settings on your Android device.
  • Finish Roadrunner email setup on Android: You need to select the mail server type to add the relevant server values and finish the process.

Note: You cannot complete the Roadrunner email setup automatically on Android device. So, be careful while you are adding the values for email server.

Roadrunner Email Setup On Outlook:

Get Roadrunner email on Outlook 2006 and all other latest versions with the following steps:

  • Update OS and relating software: Update Windows and installed Outlook version on your computer before getting in Roadrunner email configuration.
  • Create Roadrunner email account: If you are new to Roadrunner spectrum account, open any browser window and go to Roadrunner email login page to create your account.
  • Launch Microsoft Outlook: After you complete Step 1 and 2, go to Outlook icon from the Start menu and tap it to open the Outlook software.
  • Navigate to Roadrunner email :Click on File tab in menu bar>>>go to Info Account Settings>>>>> EMAIL tab>>>>NEW.
  • Complete Roadrunner email setup outlook :Tap on 'Manual setup to extra server types'>>>> NEXT>>>>IMAP>>>NEXT.

    Type in the relevant information in user and server fields’ box to complete the settings form.
    Likewise, complete the log in information and choose TEST account settings to finish the process.

Important: In case, you want to automatically add the Roadrunner account on Outlook, after Step 4- go to Email Account>>>>Auto account setup and follow on-screen instructions to finish the process.

Ample of Roadrunner email issues can pop-up from configuration. So, get started and troubleshoot each one from the list below. POP server failed POP server failed

  1. Change from POP to IMAP

    Login to account>>>> navigate to account settings>>> enable leave messages on server>>>> disable send/receive in email client section.
    Next, create an IMAP enabled account>>>delete POP mailbox>>>>>create a storage folder>>>drag the messages and folders that you want to keep in new folder.
    Finally, you can delete all POP mailboxes, once the emails/folders get transferred successfully.

  2. Customize POP Configuration

    The POP settings for Roadrunner account are different for mobile and computer. Simply put, if you are using Android or iPhone the POP settings would be different that you use for Roadrunner email on computer. To know those different configurations, we suggest you read the server settings defined above. SMTP SSL check failure

If you see “SMTP SSL check failure” error in Roadrunner, there’s nothing wrong with your device OS. All you need to troubleshoot is:

  1. Out of date Roadrunner account settings
  2. Sync account name and settings
  3. Server settings
  4. Change or Manage the existing Roadrunner profile

So, select one of the above options and start with the fixes:

  1. Go to the program, where you are trying to access email.
    2. Navigate to Servers tab and change the Server name, email username, and port assigned to get access to emails.
    3. Don’t forget to confirm that following options have a check before them:
           a. Log on using clear text authentication
           b. My server requires authentication
    4. Then, under advanced tab, select the checkbox with option: ‘Server requires a secure connection (SSL).
    After all the SMTP are configured, it’s time to click APPLY and OK button.

Mail TWC Spectrum com: RECEIVED: 421 Service not available

It’s an SMTP Roadrunner server error. So, if you see this or any other similar code error for Roadrunner email, you need to diagnose:

  • If there is any slow connection
  • Are there any attachments that are exceeding the limit defined under Roadrunner, or
  • There are any corrupt files or viruses in the system.

Once you can know what’s the real cause of your Roadrunner email trouble, here’s what you can do to fix the diagnosed issue:

  1. Clear history, cookies, and footprints of network stored in a temporary folder of your device. Temporary files take up a lot of space that makes it difficult for other programs to open and run
  2. In case, you see the error while trying to create a email then, check the file size that you are trying to attach in the Roadrunner email. If it exceeds 15-20MB then, either compress the file to the size defined OR you can send the data in separate emails.
  3. If you didn’t get any of the above error then, scan your device and remove any infected files reported at the end of virus-scanned process.
  4. In rare but worst cases, sometimes the program that you are using might get corrupt. For instance, if you are using Outlook to run mail and the software Outlook gets corrupt then, you need to reinstall the program and re-define the entire configuration.

Can’t send email when I’m out of town

Following solutions fit best in a solution if you are able to receive Roadrunner emails but can’t send them while you are out of town.
In other words, the problem is quite common nowadays with Roadrunner users who are trying to access the mails using some third party software like Outlook or Apple Mail.


To fix this issue, you need to change the Roadrunner email settings configured on the application. This is because the outgoing mail server named SMTP is blocking the network as it is not local to your home or name that is customized in settings.
To know about the migrated domains over Roadrunner, check this link and change the settings according to your region.

Cant send email when Im out of town