Complete Sbcglobal.Net Email Settings Guide

Overview of Email Settings email settings using IMAP/ POP and SMTP settings. Generally, SBCGlobal email service is available in webmail interface. But you can also setup SbcGlobal yahoo email account on different desktop email programs or mobile email app available these days. Just use right server and correct Sbcglobal port settings for POP3/ IMAP and SMTP domains Email Server Settings

Your email desktop software (like Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail) or mobile app will use POP3 orIMAP server settings to receive Sbcglobal email. And, SMTP will be used to send sbcGlobal mail. So, whichever incoming mail server you choose from IMAP and POP3, make sure you simultaneously select the correct outgoing server values. Otherwise, sbcglobal server setup issue will never resolve.

  • IMAP Sbcglobal Settings
  • POP Sbcglobal Settings
  • SMTP Sbcglobal Settings
SBC Global Email Settings IMAP

Use the IMAP settings to receive and store emails on Sbcglobal server:

Email settings

  1. AT&T IMAP Server
  2. IMAP port
  3. IMAP server
  4. IMAP Username
  5. IMAP password

Sbcglobal, email settings

  2. 993
  3. SSL (recommended) / TLS
  4. Your full email address
  5. Your password
SBC global email POP settings

However, if you want to choose POP server over IMAP to receive your SbcGlobal emails, then go with the following settings:

Email settings

  1. AT&T POP Server
  2. POP port
  3. POP Security
  4. POP Username
  5. POP password

Sbcglobal, email settings

  2. 995
  3. SSL (recommended) TLS
  4. Your full email address
  5. Your password
POP sbcblobal email Settings

You must setup your incoming server before configuring the outgoing server for Sbc As, the SMTP protocols value for each of these IMAP and POP server are different.
Hope you have made your choice, so now get your SMTP SbcGlobal email settings. If you choose IMAP protocol to receive Sbc net mails, here are your outbound server settings:

Email settings

  1. Sbcglobal email settings
  2. AT&T IMAP Or POP Server
  3. SMTP port
  4. SMTP server
  5. SMTP Username
  6. SMTP password

Sbcglobal, email settings

  2. Or
  3. 465 Or 587
  4. SSL Or TLS
  5. Your full email address
  6. Your password

Steps to Configure Email Settings on Different Platforms?

If you have made your choice for IMAP, POP, SMTP to configure mails then, you may simply choose your device option below (that you are using to access SbcGlobal mail server).

  • iPhone Setup
  • Andriod Setup
  • Outlook Setup

Steps For sbcglobal Email Settings On Iphone:

With correct email settings iPhone, it's time to configure your mail service over the iPhone. However, if you can't reach the pagewhere you need to enter the Sbc yahoo mail settings then, apply these steps:

  • Unlock your iPhone or iPad and scroll the screen to find SETTINGS.
  • Touch 'Mail, Contacts, Calendars' and find Accounts option on the next screen.
  • Further tap on Add Account to display the names of already configured email account (if you have earlier added any).
  • You should scroll down the email addresses and select OTHER>>>> ADD MAIL ACCOUNT so, the new account form opens for your sbcglobal email configuration.
  • Once you see a window with fields prompting to fill your name, email address, and other settings, it’s time to use above information in the relevant field.
  • After you complete all the formalities concerning Sbcglobal yahoo email account settings on iPhone- simply touch SAVE button.

You now have an iPhone or iPad with configured SbcGlobal mail account. So, just start accessing, sending and receiving SBC emails over your Apple phone.

Steps For sbcglobal Email Settings On Android:

Although every Android phone uses different terms for similar features, the overall steps to configure SbcGlobal remain the same. So, read each step carefully and set up your account easily.
Important: During this whole process, make sure your Android phone stays connected to the Internet.

  • Go to Phone Settings and scroll down to search for 'Users & Accounts.'
  • You will be directed to another screen, where you need to get down selecting the 'Add Account' option.
  • On the next screen; choose either Personal (IMAP) or Personal (POP3) to finally begin with your SbcGlobal Yahoo email configuration.
  • The next page will prompt you to enter an email address. So, type your email address with domain and choose 'Manual Setup.'
    Then, as soon as you touch the NEXT button on the Android phone screen, you will see a field prompting for SBC Yahoo email password.
  • And, when you enter the last screen of the step, you need to give the correct port and security type for your Sbc account.
  • If the Sbcmail server validates the provided details, you will be asked to enter relevant outgoing server settings.
  • So, type correct information and in the end, don’t forget to SAVE the SbcGlobal settings.

Kudos! With this your mail server settings for SbcGlobal account completes successfully!

Steps For sbcglobal Email Settings On Outlook:

Whether you are using Outlook 2006 or the latest Outlook version, you can easily set up email with the following steps.
All you need is an upgraded OS, installed and updated Outlook software, and an activated SBC Yahoo mail account. When you have all the above essentials, it’s time to start with the following process:

  • Press Windows icon on keyboard and type Outlook in the search field.
  • Next, open File-> Account Settings-> Add Account to connect SbcGlobal mail server with Outlook software.
    Note: If you can see SBC email account on the page, simply select to update it.
  • Now, select Internet Email settings and make sure you type the correct IMAP settings.
    If you choose POP server, make sure type the information according to you.
  • Choose More Settings-> Outgoing server tab and check option:
    My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication
    Use same settings as my incoming mail server
  • On the same window, go to Advanced tab and add the relevant Sbc Yahoo mail settings data as defined above.
  • Finally, tap on OK>>>>> Internet Email Settings window >>>>>>Next>>> and, FINISH.

Successfully configured your email settings with Outlook platform.

Still bothered by email settings problems? - Learn to avoid Hiccups!

There are ample of issues that can directly relate to Sbc mail settings. For instance, unable to send or receive emails over the Sbc AT&T server or Sbc Yahoo mail not connecting with the network. So, if you want to troubleshoot these or below-defined errors, start by fixing SbcGlobal setup problems.

Can't connect to SbcGlobal SMTP (outgoing) email server

Generally, when any window displays outgoing mail server error, it’s easy to deduce that the error is about incorrect SMTP server setup:

  1. Re-open Yahoo SbcGlobal mail settings and navigate to SMTP server fields.
  2. Your outbound server settings for SbcGlobal mail should be set to for IMAP protocol.
  3. In case, you have selected POP3 Email protocol for the inbound server, the SMTP server name should be Note: However, if you choose att. OR as your mail server, please update those old SBCGLOBAL settings.
  4. Most importantly, make sure the device that you want to use for SbcGlobal email access must be connected to the Internet. As all the SMTP and IMAP settings for SbcGlobal is saved on the server. So, to communicate over the email id, you must always stay connected to a network.
  5. Other than this, you should try to create a secure mail key instead of passing password in your Sbc mail account.
  6. You may even try changing mail password as incorrect SbcGlobal email login information can also cause SMTP connection error.

Followed same SbcGlobal email settings as above but still can't receive or send emails

The first thing that comes to mind when you get error while receiving or sending SbcGlobal email is irrelevant SBC settings. And, to check and correct them manually, this is what needs to be done:

  1. Go to the mail settings of your account, where you configured sbc email settings.
  2. Match the already configured SbcGlobal email values in mail with the settings defined in the first section of this page.
  3. Make necessary changes in those IMAP/ POP3 or SMTP settings for SbcGlobal email. But if you feel the valued defined are already correct then, simply, tap on SAVE and troubleshoot the issue by applying the next steps.
  4. Sign in your SbcGlobal account and go to the Settings>>>>Mail settings>>>>Email Quota.
  5. Check and make sure your account hasn’t exceeded the quota limit. In case, it does-then, delete some unnecessary mails from any folder of your SBC mail account.

Then, again try sending mail from your account. If you are able to do it KUDOS!

Task (my email name) - Receiving' reported error

You need to check the entire SbcGlobal configuration that you defined in your device like iPhone, Android mobile, or Windows Outlook. And, let us help you to go ahead with its troubleshooting:

  1. Open the Mail settings on your device and start with the checking of incoming server details compatible with Sbc account.
  2. After correcting the incoming server details, check the account settings defined for SMTP SBC email.Note: In step 1 and 2, make sure nothing has changed for any reason in the Mail server settings of email.
  3. The error also means that you are having an Internet connection issue. And, unless your device connects with SbcGlobal email server online it will keep displaying the SBC mail server error.
  4. For the error window still persisting, make sure you access your SbcGlobal account using the server. And, if you find that your Sbc email account still runs into any issues then, it’s the server error.

    And, to resolve this setting issue you can only wait for the error to resolve at SbcGlobal mail server.

Can't connect to SbcGlobal IMAP/POP server

To troubleshoot connection problems in SbcGlobal mail, configured on your iPhone, Android mobile, or desktop Outlook this is your fix:

  1. Check the network connection of your device. Because the Sbc email IMAP settings error is relating connection.
  2. If you find, your device status: Connected but NO internet, try to reset your Internet settings. Likewise, reset the network of your device and try to connect again.
  3. Once done, re-configure the Sbc email settings again your device as, defined above. However, at any point, if you feel that the settings are not validating with the server, ask from experts for help to get the settings of Sbc mail to work.
  4. In case, your Sbc email error is so rigid that your device mail account is unable to connect with IMAP online it’s better to delete the account. And, re-configure on device.

Note: Sometimes, it’s the other mail accounts added on the device that triggered the error. In that case, as well, delete the problematic account and start from scratch.

Can't connect to SbcGlobal IMAP POP server

Can't Send SbcGlobal Emails

Fix email quota & find out other reasons for Yahoo email not transmitting. Learn to fix each cause of SbcGlobal email not sending error with correct way to define its settings.

SbcGlobal Email Sign in

Is a door to get access to your emails over the AT&T Yahoo server? Therefore, try to diagnose and find which SbcGlobal settings value needs to update for the sign in error to resolve on mail server.

Unable to receive Sbc mails

Special Sbc email settings are required to receive Yahoo mails over any email client application. So, see the right settings & find how to configure them for Sbc mails on your device.