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How to Transfer Email from SBCGlobal to Gmail – Tested Solution!

Transferring data from one email to another proves always useful when we are unable to access any of our email accounts. Today, we are here to throw a spotlight on the process of transfer SBCGlobal to Gmail.

If you are also hunting for the solution of “How to Transfer Email from SBCGlobal to Gmail” then follow the below-listed tested solutions now!


Steps to Transfer/Shift Email from SBCGlobal to Gmail – 100% Guaranteed Solution!

Here, we have described a full-fledged procedure to rectify the “How to Transfer Email from SBCGlobal to Gmail” issue.

Have a look!

⦁ Move your cursor to the web browser icon, and double-click on that.

⦁ Now your web browser is open (you can use any of the web browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Bing, etc).

⦁ Now enter “Google Sign In” in the Search Bar.

⦁ You will get lots of links that redirect you to the Google Sign in Window as shown below:

⦁ Now enter your valid Gmail I’d in the field with a placeholder “Email or Phone.”

⦁ You can also enter the Phone number that you are connected with your Gmail I’d, and hit the Next Button.

⦁ Now insert the valid security pin or password in the field with a placeholder “Enter your Password” and hit the Next Button as shown in the below figure.

⦁ Once, you successfully log in, now tap on the icon, and then hit the “See All Settings” option. Check the below figure for this step.

⦁ After that hit the “Accounts and Import” tab -> Select the “Add a Mail Account” option.

⦁ Once you hit the “Add a Mail Account” option, a window appears asking for the email I’d that a user wants to add.

⦁ Here, you have to enter the SBCGlobal email address and its corresponding security key.

If you forgot your SBCGlobal email password, then read this “How to Change or Reset SBCGlobal Email Password” guide!

⦁ Here you saw a drop-down field with the label “POP Server.”

⦁ From this dropdown list, you have to pick the “” option.

⦁ Here, you will see one other small dropdown list with the label “Port.”

⦁ Here, you have to pick the port number “995.”

⦁ Now, don’t forget to tick the checkbox “Leave a copy of the retrieved message on the server.’ Enabling this option will prevent Gmail from deleting your emails”. It is the only method that prevents your Gmail account from deleting all the emails permanently.

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⦁ Now with this, tick the other two checkboxes as well for a safe SSL process, and hit the “Add Account” button.

⦁ Once you, tap on the “Add Account” button, your all emails getting transferred from SBCGlobal to Gmail.

⦁ However, the transferring time depends on the number of emails that are going to shift from the SBCGlobal to the Gmail account.

Still, Encounter Any Issue?

Well, all the above-listed steps are 100% guaranteed accurate to fix your issue of shifting emails from one account to other. But, if you still encounter any problem in solving your query “How to Transfer Email from SBCGlobal to Gmail” then talk to the SBCGlobal Email experts now!